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Responsible Gaming

It is definitely important for a good online casino to have wide game selection, reliable banking methods, and large bonuses. This is what some popular casinos like Raging Bull can boast of. However, there is something else to pay attention to when entering a gambling platform – the responsible gaming program.

Responsible gaming is an international program that is implemented by the most reliable online casinos that care about its customers. Its point is to make sure that the playing habits of clients are healthy, and there are no signs of gaming addiction. 

Signs of unhealthy behavior

There are several signs that indicate that a person might have a gambling addiction. You can check yourself whether the points are relatable to your gaming style or not. 

Look at the list:

  • You tend to make large bets;
  • You always try to ‘redeem’ the losses;
  • You spend a lot of free time on casino sites;
  • Small bet amounts don’t excite you anymore;
  • You loan money to place bets.

If you have answered yes to at least half the questions, you need to check with the responsible gaming section. If you play irresponsibly, some problems may occur such as money debts, relationship problems, unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcoholism.

Tips to fight the issue

There are some tips that will help you stay on the safe side. Use them if you or your close one are showing the signs of gambling addiction:

  • Don’t ‘risk it all’ if you can’t afford to lose;
  • Don’t play more if you are unlucky today – the chances are that you lose more than you win. Get some rest and try again another day;
  • Set a daily/weekly/monthly limit of money spent on betting;
  • Set a daily time limit you can spend on casino sites;
  • Don’t borrow money / sell your belongings to place bets;
  • Don’t play if you’re drunk or high.

If you feel like you can’t handle the situation yourself, contact the customer support of Raging Bull or visit Gambling Therapy website to learn more about the issue.

Don’t be shy to ask for help – it is an important issue. 

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