Responsible gambling at Raging Bull Casino

Raging Bull Casino is a safe place to gamble, the administration makes efforts not to create problems for players. The Responsible Gaming Guidelines are rules and guidelines that help players prevent themselves from developing a gambling addiction.

What is Gambling Addiction

It’s no secret that players in online casinos and betting shops are often subject to gambling addiction, otherwise known as addiction. Gambling addiction is a dangerous mental disorder in which a person can not stop playing, and making more and more bets.

This pathological gambling addiction can have devastating consequences for the user and their family and friends. We are talking about such effects:

  1. impairment of the person’s social behavior;
  2. An unstable emotional state;
  3. difficulties in communicating with loved ones;
  4. financial problems including debts and loans;
  5. some people may lose their job (studies).

It is important to understand that gambling addiction does not occur suddenly; it develops over time. This gradual progression is very dangerous because not everyone has the awareness to stop playing at the right time.

Gambling addiction may occur at all ages.

Signs of gaming addiction

There are a number of obvious and not so obvious signs that may indicate the development of gambling addiction in a person. Let us tell a little about them:

  1. The player has no control over the time he spends playing online games.
  2. There is no clear control over the finances of the game. The player usually bets more and more in a burst of excitement.
  3. The user sorely lacks excitement at any time of the day or night, even during working hours. Therefore, he is often distracted from work or school to make another bet. It is clear that this approach will sooner or later cause problems in the workplace.
  4. If you constantly want to win back and you bet large amounts of money to get into the black as soon as possible, then you have a clear problem with this.
  5. A gambler often has depressive thoughts, including suicidal thoughts, as a result of emotional, social, and financial problems.
  6. The gambler lies to loved ones about stopping gambling, although this is not true.
  7. A person with addiction begins to give up activities and habits (hobbies) that used to give them a real pleasure.
  8. Perhaps the player regularly takes out loans and credits to pay off debts for previous bets.

Rules of safe gambling

Please read these tips and rules and be sure to follow each of them:

  • Do not play for more than 30-50 minutes a day, preferably divide this time into stages to give yourself some time to rest.
  • Limit the amount of money you are willing to lose and never go beyond these limits.
  • Never gamble at a casino while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, as otherwise your reflexes and sense of proportion may be dulled so that you cannot adequately perceive reality.
  • Don’t borrow money to gamble and certainly don’t take out loans for it. Remember, getting out of debt will not be easy.
  • Listen to your loved ones if they are talking about your addiction to gambling.
  • If you have now lost a large sum of money, then don’t try to win it back at all costs. It is better to try to do it next time.
  • Don’t try to cheat the casino, hack the machine or predict the outcome of the round. It’s impossible to do that in an honest casino. And if you also get caught cheating, you will get a ban forever without the possibility of withdrawing the money you have already won.

Please, follow these simple rules. It is the best prevention of gambling addiction.

Don’t see gambling as a means of making money, just enjoy it as a hobby.

If you or your loved ones notice signs of gambling addiction in you, see a specialist immediately for treatment. Remember, gambling addiction is not just addiction and a bad habit, it is an illness that needs to be treated urgently!

We hope that your gambling at Raging Bull Casino will be safe and successful! We wish you good luck!

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